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In 2010, I (Nick Love) spent over 45% of my annual income eating out at some of Atlanta's best (and worst) restaurants. So, who better to guide you through the city's crowded dining terrain?? Now, I, along with my team of Hip-Hop generation foodies, will expose and review ATL's newest hits, hidden gems, and old favorites. Hopefully, this blog will earn us a free meal or two while we point you guys in the direction of some good food and steer you away from the wackness. Let's eat!!!

Apr 26, 2012

Review: CHINESE BUDDHA | Late Night Done Right

Name: Chinese Buddha
Cuisine: Chinese
Neighborhood: Midtown
Address: 100 10th St NW Atlanta, GA 30309
Phone: (404) 874-5158
Website: N/A
Menu: N/A

Atlanta's foodie purists will probably bite my head off for this but I'm gonna just go ahead and say it - Chinese Buddha has the best Chinese food in the city!!!  Yeah, I said it.  You wanna make something of it??  Sure, I'm familiar with the big names and the big chains that populate the city offering Asian cuisine.  I also haven't forgotten my hood roots on Candler Rd in Decatur (s/o to China Cafeteria - how have you stayed open so long??).  But, if given the option, 9 out of 10 times, I'm gonna find myself at the corner of Spring St and 10th St.

Main Dining Room
I can already hear some of you now in your whiny baby voices - "How could you say that??  Chin Chin is the best.  All the critics agree on that".  Well, you know what I say to the critics. . . F the critics!!!  Lol.  The critics have never been to Club Primal on a Friday night and gotten hungry at 3am. The critics never had $8 bucks in their account and wanted a non-fast food meal that wouldn't require overdraft protection.  And, on top of being open late and also being affordable, the food is really good!!!

Egg Rolls
I've had several items on the menu but I'm very partial towards the Sweet & Sour Chicken combination plate.  For $9.95, you get a quite hearty helping of sweet & sour chicken, white or fried rice, an egg roll, and your choice of soup (a slightly smaller serving of this meal is offered for lunch for $6.75).  Most people end up taking the some food home with them.  Me, I knock mines out in one sitting like a man.  Lol.  I mean, why wouldn't I??  The sauce on that chicken is fantastic.  I prefer mine SMOTHERED in it.  And, the mixture of onions, peppers, and pineapples with the sauce make it even better.  The egg rolls are very tasty.  Spend the extra couple of bucks to get 2 egg rolls if you can.  There have been times when I've stopped by JUST for egg rolls when I didn't wanna get a burger and fries as my fourth meal of the day. 

Sweet & Sour Chicken w/ Fried Rice
Oh, and don't flex on the soup.  The hot & sour soup is amazing!!!  Don't ask me what's in it.  I didn't cook it.  But, that combination of spicy and tangy is INCREDIBLE!!!  And, it's the perfect prelude to the meal that is to come.

Hot & Sour Soup
The only downside to me is the parking.  Anyone who's ever been to Chinese Buddha knows of the potential dangers of that rear parking deck.  First, getting in and out can be quite messy.  The corners within it are very sharp and narrow and drivers are, shall we say, less than cautious when maneuvering through.  When leaving, God forbid you try to make a left onto 10th St.  The exit point puts you right at the 10th/14th St exit on 75/85 and cars are whizzing by at quite a pace.  Finally, I've always been a little leery of walking to and from the restaurant and my car.  There's a little side alley that's right up against the exit that's kinda dark and is just perfect for an evening mugging.  I know my crew has been guilty of bringing firearms into the Buddha on several occasions.  Gotta do what you gotta do, right??

Overall though, I HIGHLY recommend this place.  Yeah, there's a little element of danger.  But, isn't good food worth a walk on the wild side??  It's affordable, it's amazing, and open after hours.  It doesn't get much better than that. 

Til we eat again!

Grade: B+
What's Great: Portions / Quantity of Food
What Ain't: Parking
Ideal For: Lunch, Late Night

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Sleepy J said...

thats whats up nick.. gotta try it

Unknown said...

@Sleepy You've never experienced Chinese Buddha?? You don't know what you're missing!!! Get some this weekend!!!

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