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In 2010, I (Nick Love) spent over 45% of my annual income eating out at some of Atlanta's best (and worst) restaurants. So, who better to guide you through the city's crowded dining terrain?? Now, I, along with my team of Hip-Hop generation foodies, will expose and review ATL's newest hits, hidden gems, and old favorites. Hopefully, this blog will earn us a free meal or two while we point you guys in the direction of some good food and steer you away from the wackness. Let's eat!!!

Mar 11, 2013

Well Or Rare??: Black People vs Raw Meat

Allow me to prefix today's post by saying that I've always considered myself to be somewhat of a social philosopher.  I'd like to think that I'm a man of the world so to speak.  I'm intrigued by social norms and abnormalities.  I'm curious about cultural and religious differences.  And, I'm absolutely fascinated by the contrasting thought processes of men versus women.  But, this one trivial thing has always privately tickled me.

This weekend, while partaking in the Buckhead Restaurant Week festivities, I found myself sitting in the Palm Restaurant over by Lenox Mall.  As is often the case in some of the more pricier restaurants in town, me and my companion found ourselves to be in the minority in terms of race (and age - we were definitely some of the youngest patrons too).  While considering my order, I noticed that most of the tables around me were either ordering the steak or already had their sizzling piece of meat sitting on the table.  So, when in Rome . . . I ordered the steak too . . . medium well. 

Now, ordering a medium well steak wasn't out of the norm for me.  That's my usual temperature selection.  Actually, when I was younger, I used to order it well done.  Damn near burnt.  But, I remember a few years ago hearing someone say that having your steak prepared well done pretty much cooks all of the flavor out.  So, I took it down a peg.  But, as I've always noticed (and joked about amongst my friends), my more fairer-skinned co-diners, almost to a man (or woman), were opting for the rare or medium rare temps on this evening.  WHY??

The obvious answer is simply individual preference.  But, is it really that simple??  I mean, there's a chance that maybe me and my social circle are not the best test sample.  However, we can't ALL be tripping, can we??  I don't think so.  Based on the results of the super scientific surveys that I've conducted on my personal Twitter and Facebook pages, African-Americans don't seem to be too fond of bloody meat on their plates.  What's the reason though?? 

Is it the blood??  Is there some kind of internal physiological difference in our taste palates??  Is it possible that we just don't know how to properly enjoy a good steak?? 

What do you think??  Leave your comments below.

Til we eat again.

Mar 8, 2013

Buckhead Restaurant Week 2013 (March 9-17)

Buckhead Restaurant Week is here once again and it's time to eat!!!  Starting tomorrow, and running thru next Sunday, some of the posh district's best dining options will be on display at a fairly deep discount.  Absolutely perfect for all us budget ballers (notice that we included ourselves).

As with all Restaurant Weeks, each participating restaurant is offering a Prix Fixe menu (most of them are 3-courses: appetizer/salad, entree, and dessert) for either $25 or $35 per person.  And this year, they're actually offering a $15 per person option.  When's the last time YOU got a meal in Buckhead for that price??  Even if you aren't familiar with all of the restaurants involved, you know that you won't be able to get that price any other time in this area outside of this week.

They have plenty of participating restaurants this year.  Many of them were featured last year but there are a few notable additions.  In particular, Del Frisco Grille and Basil's.  I will definitely be checking BOTH of those spots out.  However, I am a little disappointed that one of my favorite restaurants, Shula's 347, isn't on this year's list.  I love that place!  But, you know what??  These Restaurant Weeks should be used to try something new.  Not to patronize your usual digs at a cheaper rate. 

Check out the full list of participating restaurants below with a few of our recommendations denoted in bold (*).

  • 10 Degrees South
  • Aja*
  • Anis Bistro
  • Astor Court
  • Aria
  • Atlanta Fish Market
  • Basil's
  • Bistro Niko
  • Bricktops*
  • Buckhead Bottle Bar*
  • Buckhead Diner
  • Coast
  • Cook Hall
  • Dantannas*
  • Davios
  • Del Frisco's Grille*
  • Divan
  • Eclipse di Luna
  • F + B
  • Flip Burger Boutique*
  • Imperial Fez
  • Kyma
  • Modern
  • Mosaic*
  • Nava
  • Ocean Prime*
  • Palm Restaurant
  • Portofino
  • Pricci
  • Prime
  • Ruth's Chris
  • Seasons 52*
  • Seven Lamps
  • Southern Art*
  • Tantra*
  • Ted Montana's Grill
  • The Big Ketch
  • The Capital Grille
  • Watershed
  • Yebo

If you'd like to see each restaurant's RW menu, click on the Buckhead Restaurant Week logo above.  Also, don't forget to LIKE Buckhead Restaurant Week on Facebook.

Til we eat again!

Mar 7, 2013

2NITE: Wet Willies 3rd Year Anniversary

Tonight, we drink!  The crew over at Wet Willies ATL is celebrating 3 years in the game here in the city with a slightly over the top soiree hosted by Takeo Spikes of the NFL's San Diego Chargers and the franchise's owner, former NFL player Carlos Emmons.  This is where you need to be! 

Follow Wet Willie's ATL on Twitter or LIKE Wet Willie's ATL on Facebook

See you tonight.

Guess Who's Bizack!

We know, we know.  You don't even have to say it.  We been slippin.  In fact, slippin would imply that we was trying and doing a half ass job.  Nah.  We wasn't even doing that.  We were out to lunch.  Out to lunch for damn near 6 months.  Smh.  That's bad business.

We had our reasons.  The main one - MONEY.  You see, ATL Bite Life is a labor of love.  This thing was started because we knew there was no one out here doing what we were doing.  Who else has the interest in food AND the connections to the biggest and hottest Hip-Hop and R&B stars on the planet like us??  Not a nan nother (Mike Epps voice)!  But, alas, this doesn't pay the bills . . . YET.  I mean, sure, we've made a few bucks, gotten a few free meals, even had some really big meetings with some really important people.  However, I still have to get in the trenches from time to time and get to the paper.

Somewhere along my paper route, I lost my way.  ATL Bite Life became a job instead of a passion.  It became harder and harder to wake up and post something.  Kinda like that girlfriend you used to be so in love with.  After a year or so, a few arguments, a little less sex and romance, those feelings turn to "ehh".  That was me.

The new year brought some new energy though.  No one on the web tried to duplicate our model (not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing).  And, I saw a few promos for Atlanta Eats that kinda pissed me off.  It's basically our show minus the cool factor.  Go figure!

Either way, we're back for the crown this time.  No layoffs, no mercy!  New posts, new celebs, and even a few curve balls.  Should be one hell of a ride.  Enjoy!

*cues Young Jeezy - "Welcome Back"*

Jul 16, 2012

ATL BITE LIFE Cash Mob #2 at Stir It Up (July 17th)

Join ATL Bite Life TOMORROW, July 17th from 6pm til 10pm for our second CASH MOB at our favorite Caribbean spot, Stir it Up (1083 Euclid Ave in Little 5 Points).  This time, we're doing it for a good cause.  A portion of the sales from this night will be donated to Athletes For Haiti and The Anacaona Foundation.  Yes, they're STILL rebuilding Haiti. 

Now, if you missed our previous event, you're probably wondering, "what is a "cash mob"??  Well, it's kinda like the more popular term "flash mob" except there's no dancing involved (*wipes forehead*).  A cash mob is a group of people who assemble at a local business and all purchase items from that business. The purpose of these mobs is to support the local businesses and the overall community. In this case, I'm asking all my ATLiens to take a couple hours before you head over to Onyx, Pearl Lounge, or whatever you do on Tuesday night and come eat some jerk chicken and some rice & peas with the rest of the cool kids of the A.  Let these kids have the night life.  The grown and sexy rule the Bite Life!

So, I hope you save some room in your stomach tomorrow.  That brown stew snapper isn't for the light snacker.  I'm expecting to see ALL of you this time out. Tell a friend to tell a friend.  The cool table keeps getting bigger and we're willing to pull up as many seats as needed. 

For more information on Stir It Up, follow them on Twitter - @StirItUpATL -  or LIKE Stir It Up on Facebook.

Also, if you missed the Episode 3 of ATL Bite Life where we stopped by Stir It Up with Def Jam R&B crooner Verse Simmonds, check it out below.

Happy Eating!

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