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Mar 11, 2013

Well Or Rare??: Black People vs Raw Meat

Allow me to prefix today's post by saying that I've always considered myself to be somewhat of a social philosopher.  I'd like to think that I'm a man of the world so to speak.  I'm intrigued by social norms and abnormalities.  I'm curious about cultural and religious differences.  And, I'm absolutely fascinated by the contrasting thought processes of men versus women.  But, this one trivial thing has always privately tickled me.

This weekend, while partaking in the Buckhead Restaurant Week festivities, I found myself sitting in the Palm Restaurant over by Lenox Mall.  As is often the case in some of the more pricier restaurants in town, me and my companion found ourselves to be in the minority in terms of race (and age - we were definitely some of the youngest patrons too).  While considering my order, I noticed that most of the tables around me were either ordering the steak or already had their sizzling piece of meat sitting on the table.  So, when in Rome . . . I ordered the steak too . . . medium well. 

Now, ordering a medium well steak wasn't out of the norm for me.  That's my usual temperature selection.  Actually, when I was younger, I used to order it well done.  Damn near burnt.  But, I remember a few years ago hearing someone say that having your steak prepared well done pretty much cooks all of the flavor out.  So, I took it down a peg.  But, as I've always noticed (and joked about amongst my friends), my more fairer-skinned co-diners, almost to a man (or woman), were opting for the rare or medium rare temps on this evening.  WHY??

The obvious answer is simply individual preference.  But, is it really that simple??  I mean, there's a chance that maybe me and my social circle are not the best test sample.  However, we can't ALL be tripping, can we??  I don't think so.  Based on the results of the super scientific surveys that I've conducted on my personal Twitter and Facebook pages, African-Americans don't seem to be too fond of bloody meat on their plates.  What's the reason though?? 

Is it the blood??  Is there some kind of internal physiological difference in our taste palates??  Is it possible that we just don't know how to properly enjoy a good steak?? 

What do you think??  Leave your comments below.

Til we eat again.


Anonymous said...

i think its based on our exposure level. most of us haven't been dining in restaurants our entire lives where the question of meat temperature is raised. When you finally come of age and are posed with the question, your response is (Why would I want or pay for uncooked meat..) and respond WELL. But as a personal preference Medium is best and steaks should be eaten from the middle out. That way you get to the rarest part while its the warmest (I was fortunate to get a little exposure).

You Have No iDea! said...

Definitely the exposure level.. I started really dining out in college and the thought of a medium rare or even medium steak would have made my stomach knot up. Now - 10 to 12 years later, I wouldn't have it any other way. I guess it also depends on where the steak comes from. If it is at Longhorn or Outback - then its definitely a medium rare or medium. However if its a Ruth Chris - definitely medium.

@ReneetheG said...

I love my steak medium rare. Most of my family (who are black) prefer either medium or medium rare with the exception of my brother who like his well. We have been eating steaks since we could chew so idk...

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