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Mar 14, 2012

VIDEO: The ATL Bite Life Show Episode 4 - Ray Hitch @ Wing Tyme!!!

#Confession This was hands down my favorite #ATLBiteLife episode to tape this season.  First, my boy Ray Daniels aka Ray Hitch is ALL personality.  Sure, he's not the celebrity name that 2 Chainz or Verse Simmonds or ASAP Rocky is but he can talk that ish with the best of them and he's quite entertaining.  When he gets going on how women should rock when it comes to getting or keeping a man, it's hilarious, provocative, and sometimes offensive.  But, it's NEVER dull.  

Second, the food at Wing Tyme was INCREDIBLE!!!  18 flavors of wings, fried corn nuggets, and TURKEY RIBS!!!  Yes, TURKEY RIBS!!!  I'm gonna stop writing now so I can take a special trip out there RIGHT NOW and get some.

3 things that will stand out in this episode:
  • "Women are like cars and men are like houses"
  • "Steve Harvey is full of shit!!!"
  • "The correct goal for a woman should be to build something WITH a man"
Peep the video below.  Also, check out The Ray Hitch Show -

As always, Happy Eating!


Anonymous said...

This is interesting except for the fact that men are a lot more hypocritical and clueless than they think. So, while you can see how broke and fat you are and where you don't measure up with someone else who might have a better chance with Halle Berry but if you real, then if you walk in a bar with Halle Berry while youre in LA and a guy whispers he hit will not give a damn. So, thats real. Measuring up to a mans always changing standards will have you a confused ass. Women dont play by the rules and men change the rules as you go. Chiquita Doe cant be revealed as a non-virgin at a bar, but Halle can.

Nick Love said...

I followed some of your point. Other parts I'm a little confused on. But, I'm glad that what Ray said sparked an opinion. It's ALWAYS interesting to hear men and women discuss vastly different perspectives.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what confused you. I think his perspective is interesting but not new. I think there is and always will be a double standard. He's got the answers while women are sitting asking themselves where r the good men. And Im saying he really doesnt have the answers because in any given situation his answer probably changes. So the rules men play by are the ones they make up as they go along. He said we are not honest with ourselves and Im saying neither are men. His example about somebody hitting it only applies to a certain somebody...regular woman usa. If it was Halle who is about to go on marriage number 3 and trying to make you number 4...somebody hit all would still be down. So women are not alone and looking for good men because they dont play by the rules and because we look in the mirror and dont see whats really there. Women are looking for good men because many supposed to be good men are still running around after women young enough to be their children because they are only interested in having fun and not capable (according to Ray) to be monogamous. But a good discussion.

Nick Love said...

Now I got you! You might be right. It's an ever evolving thing. And, yes, there is DEFINITELY a double standard.

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