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Mar 20, 2012

Review: BANKHEAD SEAFOOD | Affordable But Not Amazing

Name: Bankhead Fish & Soul 
Cuisine: Seafood / Soul Food
Neighborhood: Westside
Address: 1651 Donald Lee Hollowell NW Atlanta, GA 30318
Phone Number: (404) 794-6904
Website: N/A 

Located on the world famous Bankhead Highway (now known as Donald Lee Hollowell), Bankhead Fish & Soul aka Bankhead Seafood is a hood landmark.  I first heard about this place back in the late 90's in Goodie Mob's southern classic - "Soul Food
Bankhead Seafood, makin' me hit the door with a mind full of attitude - Big Gipp
This takeout restaurant is only open on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  And, on those days, it's only open for four hours (11am-3pm).  If you ever happen to ride past this place, you're very likely to see a line wrapped around the building.  It's nothing for customers to wait upwards of an HOUR to get their food.  And what are they waiting for??  More than likely, it's their famous $5 Fish & Pups Meal. 

The $5 Fish & Pups Meal
For a measly five bucks,you get a takeout container with so much fish in it that they can barely close the top.  That fish is accompanied by 2 rather large hush puppies.  Everything is deep fried and delivered to you hot and fresh.  Sounds good, right??  Well, not so fast.

The fish really ain't that great.  It's not horrible.  BUT, it's not great.  I've read all the Citysearch and Yelp reviews and I'm kinda astonished by the overwhelming praise that Bankhead Seafood gets.  There are a number of places in ATL where you can get better fish.  Merkerson's, Yasin's, and even Supreme Fish Delight come to mind immediately.   I just don't get it.  I mean, the seasoning isn't particularly great, the place is located in the middle of the hood and is kinda run down (reminiscent of Ann's Snack Bar - home of the world famous Ghetto Burger), and, on top of all that, you have to pay for EVERYTHING else separately (including ketchup and tartar sauce).  Am I tripping??

The only reason I can think that people regularly line up at this place is for the VALUE.  Without exaggeration, there's got to be at least 10-12 pieces of fish in those $5 containers.  You could easily feed 2 maybe even 3 or 4 people out of that box.  Add a large side of fries and some cole slaw and you could damn near feed a family for around $12-15.  Not bad at all.  But, if you're gonna tell me that they have the "best fish in Atlanta", I'm not buying it.  #imjustsayin

I'd love to hear you guys thoughts on this place.  Stop by there today and tell me if I'm tripping.  If you've already been to Bankhead Seafood, leave your comments about it below.

Til we eat again!

Grade: C+
What's Great: Portions / Quantity of Food
What Ain't: Parking, Wait Time, Ambiance
Ideal For: Budget Eaters

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Mach Diesel said...

For the VALUE, definitely!!

Corey Wendell Photography said...

Maybe your taste buds have evolved more than the hood patrons

Nick Love said...

@Corey You might be on to something!

Anonymous said...

You hit the nail on the head!

Summer said...

This is just what I say...not that great...just a good value. Yasins and Boston fish is better

Anonymous said...

i used to live up the street and for 7 years i'd get a box on saturday and have enough left over from saturday for a sunday fish and scrambled eggs breakfast :)

Anonymous said...

No you're not trippin just hateing. Some of us often forget where we come from because it's so confident because of the fake company we try to please. Bank head seafood is good and affordable, and just guess what , yasims can be found in the hood also. The reason why they and the afore mentioned eatery doesn't have a line wrapped around the building is because the taste is not worth the price they charge.

Unknown said...

Bankhead Seafood is the bomb! Goodie Mob lauds it and I applaud it. Open 16 hours a week and they stay clocking dollars????? They must be doing something right.

Digitaldel said...

The fish is great. Boston and Yain's is, meh. Bankhead is the best in the city. Stop trippin'

Unknown said...

I'll try this for a BBQ, but I need to wrap it in the paper bag in an aluminium bag first.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with your negative comment. The fish is good and the value is great. You receive enough fish for two people. The fish is lightly season because you do not want to over season sea food. If you want more seasoning then you can add more seasoning yourself. The sweet potato pies are awesome. If people did not like the fish then this place would have gone out of business a long time ago. People are not waiting in line for nothing.

Unknown said...

you know...$5 for a container of decent fish isn't bad at all.I've been there many times and I'm not complaining. So what it's in the hood,i drive from doraville & i'm still alive.Actually after i get my fish i spend an afternoon at the hood park. They have customers who come from miles around so something must be working. Ask the government workers from the area. The other restaurants mentioned,well,too much for too little.LOVE THEM

Wentress said...

I wish I had a plate now!

Anonymous said...

The fish is under seasoned, but for $5 you can't complain too much.

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