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In 2010, I (Nick Love) spent over 45% of my annual income eating out at some of Atlanta's best (and worst) restaurants. So, who better to guide you through the city's crowded dining terrain?? Now, I, along with my team of Hip-Hop generation foodies, will expose and review ATL's newest hits, hidden gems, and old favorites. Hopefully, this blog will earn us a free meal or two while we point you guys in the direction of some good food and steer you away from the wackness. Let's eat!!!

Oct 19, 2011

The Great Debate: Sandwiches

Ok, kids, wkhat time is it??  That's right!!!  Great Debate time!!!  This the game where you tell me who makes the best _______ and I tell you how smart you are.  Everyone's a winner!!!

Today's food - the almighty SANDWICH.  I've passed a lot of sandwich places over the past few weeks but I can't think of any place that puts meat between two pieces of bread like Publix Supermarkets.  They have the best sub sandwiches around.  If you can think of something better, tell me.  And please don't even think of mentioning Subway.  I mean, come on.  They don't come close.

I really wanna know about the local spots though.  I've asked around and there are A LOT of good places around town that I've yet to visit.  I just had the chicken cuban sandwich from Papi's on Ponce and it was great!!!  What am I missing out on?? 

I spotted a few cool sandwich spots on Foodie Buddah.  Check these out:

Alon’s Bakery, Carolyn’s Deli, Victory Sandwich Bar, Patrick’s Sub Shop, & The Mercantile.  Click on their sites.  ALL of these places look good!!!

Happy Eating!!!


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