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Feb 28, 2012

The Great Debate: Separate Restaurant Seating For People With Kids And Without??

Yesterday, while doing some routine maintenance on this site, I came across a rather eyebrow raising comment from one of our readers.  In response to our post about Grant Central Pizza's controversial parent policy which made national news last week, reader Becky said the following:

This made me love Grant Central even more (the pizza is deelish).  I am so sick of meals being ruined by crappy, self-centered parents and their little hellions.  If your kids are too little to behave, get take out.  When restaurants got rid of smoking sections, I could not understand why they didn't divide into "with kids/without kids" sections.

My knee jerk reaction - shocked!!!  I don't think I've EVER heard anyone say something like that.  If you read my comment to her, you'll see that I was both tickled and offended at the same time.  The fact that she called the kids "hellions" conjured up thoughts of Robin Harris's classic "Bebe's Kids".  But, the dividing of the restaurant into "with kids/without kids" kinda threw me.  I mean, from a business standpoint, I think there would be moral outrage to the mere suggestion of dividing a restaurant up that way.  And, from a parent side (coming from someone with 2 kids who I consider to be pretty well behaved), I think I would be slightly put off if I had to sit in the kiddie section just because previous adult patrons couldn't handle their bad ass kids.  I'm rarely the one to pull the civil rights card but ISN'T THIS DISCRIMINATION??

But, what's even MORE surprising to me were the comments I got on my personal Twitter and Facebook pages when I posed the question - Would it offend you if you went to a restaurant that was divided into sections for people "with kids" and "without kids"??  Not only were several people TOTALLY okay with it, many folks said they would STRONGLY RECOMMEND it to local restaurants.

I wanna know what you think.  Leave your comments below or hit me on Twitter - @ATLBiteLife or on Facebook - /ATLBiteLife.



cutechickscook said...

i definitely don't think it's the worse idea ever....unforturnately some kids don't know how to act...& some parents don't really care that their kids can't behave properly & continue to bring them out anyway. i don't think it'll hurt for certain kinds of restaurants to section off a "for families only" area or maybe even just not allowing children of a certain age after a certain hour.

Tamara said...

LOVE the idea....need more restaurants like this. I have a child and sometimes inappropriate conversations takes place when adults are behind us if we are eating.
Especially, when the "GUYS" are hanging out, they say things that are totally OFF BASE, and if my son hears this, "then I have alot of explaining to do" :-). But seriously, I LOVE the idea.

Nick Love said...

I don't know guys. I'm still on the fence on this one.

Unknown said...

(I know I'm probably late on this issue... but) As a person without kids my perspective is this:

When you are out in public, you are generally supposed to act in a way as not to draw unwarranted attention to yourself. Its safe to say that in most settings, people keep to themselves, and its a general rule to be mindful of those around you, especially in a nice casual setting. That same expectation should be met with your offspring. I know when i have kids, I'm going to train them in a way where they know how to act (or we're leaving... simply put).

Restaurant owners, in general, want their customers to feel comfortable in their establishments, and one part to that equation is making sure that you and your kids know how to act.

I support this idea because it lessons the chance of someone not having a good time.

Nick Love said...

Great comment, Donald!!! I totally agree!!!

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