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Oct 28, 2011

International Foods - HELP ME!!!

Guys, there's still one food aspect that I'm trying to get some help on - FOREIGN FOODS.  Even after years of consuming food and beverages from numerous restaurants around the city, with the exception of Chinese, Italian, Mexican, and Caribbean food, my knowledge of food from other cultures is kinda shabby.  I've purposely stayed away from most of it because, honestly, I thought much of it was nasty.  Maybe it's a hood mentality.  I have lots and lots of friends who all have disdain for plenty of random things that they've never experienced.  But now, I want to try more stuff. 

Do any of you have a favorite Ethiopian, Brazilian, Japanese, or European cuisine or restaurant that you think I should try??  Put me on to something new!!!

Let's eat!!!


GDB said...


moroccan - imperial fez
persian - rumi's kitchen on roswell road
thai - top spice, nan, tamirand, bangkok
ethiopian - queen of sheba in north decatur

i got a long list mane...

i still have not found a good vietnemese or korean resteraunt that got good pho soup.

Nick Love said...

WOW!!! We definitely gotta link!!! You know ALL the spots!!! Lol

Daina said...

Ethiopian-Meskerem or Desta ( make sure to try the honey wine)
Vietnemese-Pho Dai Loi-the best Pho
Korean-Stone Bowl House-Try the Korean Rice wine and the 12 course meal...The grandma/owner will come out and talk to you...So sweet.
Korean BBQ-Han Il Kwan-Classic Charcoal Iron Age-A little younger Korean BBQ spot

I hope that is helpful

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