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May 16, 2012

Jeezy Likes to Drink, Jeezy Likes to Eat

So, not only has the Snowman taken my full beard and mustache look, now he reveals that he too is a foodie.  Dammit!!!  Can I have my swag back??  Lol.  Just kidding.  

During a rather random conversation last week at one of his recording sessions, multi-platinum hip-hop artist Young Jeezy told me that he has ALWAYS been into food and that he takes great pride in being up on the new hot spots in the city.  He wouldn't reveal his absolute favorite restaurant for fear that I would tell the world and ruin his epicurean hideaway.  However, he made it clear that he's not hard to find in the streets or the tweets when it comes to eating out.  Jeezy is constantly being spotted out and twitpic'd around ATL with a full plate in front of him.  But, where is the best place to run into Mr. 17.5??

ATL Bite Life has compiled a list of the Top 5 places that you're most likely to catch a glimpse of the thug motivator stuffing his face.

1. Spondivits (1219 Virgina Ave)
This shouldn't be much of a surprise to any true ATLien.  Jeezy's almost a regular here.  Since he's decided to rid his diet of red meat, he's taken to seafood as his favorite alternative.  Crab legs - loves them!!!  Oysters - you bet!  Catfish and shrimp - not so much!

2. Justin's (2200 Peachtree Rd NW)
This is another non shocker.  The southern style entrees, laid back ambiance, and endless supply of Ciroc (can't forget that) are like magnets to a hip hop superstar.  Justin's seems to be more of a dinner meeting place for Jizzle though.  That private dining area makes for the ideal place to hold court.

3. Chanterelle's (646 Evans St SW)
Soul food with a french fusion has never really been my cup of tea but Jeezy has long had a fondness for the West End eatery.  Remember the classic line from "Trap or Die" - "Tryin me ni**a, that's your first mistake / Eat yo lil' ass up like a Chanterelle's plate".  Admittedly, he hasn't been able to get by like he used to back in the day.  But, we're sure that baked chicken calls his name from time to time.

4. do at The View (955 W. Marietta St)
According to owner Christian Ruffin, Jeezy has stopped by do at The View quite a few times since it's opening a little under a year ago.  One special day last summer, the restaurant was opened up exclusively just for Jeezy to dine with hip hop mogul Jay-Z and Mayor Kasim Reed.  The casual fly-ness of this place, which was recently voted as Atlanta's Hottest Restaurant, is a definite draw.  I mean, where else in the city can you order your food on an iPad??  And, the food ain't bad either.

5. Uncle Julio's (1860 Peachtree Rd NW)
When Jeezy suggested that we meet on the patio of this Buckhead eyesore one Sunday afternoon, I must admit, I was more than surprised.  But, when I tried the food, it made sense.  Quality quesadillas and stiff margaritas are the main attraction here.  And, the view from that patio, which sits right on Peachtree, isn't too shabby.

TM103: Hustlerz Ambition is in stores now!!!

Happy Eating!


Anonymous said...

being that i've seen him at ocean prime no less than 8 times i'm gonna say that should be on this list

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tip! We're gonna add Ocean Prime to our WWJE (What Would Jeezy Eat) list on Foursquare.

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